Okoromai Bay Whangaparaoa

Okoromai Bay is one of two bays you can visit in the Shakespeare Regional Park at the end of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula.

The Bay is very shallow and at low tide you can walk out two hundred meters or more before coming to the water's edge.

Okoromai Bay

Why Choose Okoromai Bay?

At high tide Okoromai Bay is a really safe paddling beach for young children as the water never gets that deep.

The Bay is a favourite for Cocklers as the shallow sand beds can reveal hundreds if not thousands of these little delicacies at low tide. Any visitors are allowed to gather Cockles but there are limits of 50 per gatherer (December 2012) to help preserve the species and stock levels. Ministry of Fisheries often visit the Bay and have road check points on the Peninsula to check quantities of Cockles gathered and any over gathering may see you land a large fine or possibly have your vehicle confiscated.

The Bay is usually quite due to the fact that many vessels i.e. jet skis and boats cannot gain access to the beach because of the shallow waters and large number of sand banks as the tide goes out. This can make the Bay a more tranquil spot than some of the more popular beaches for water sport enthusiast.

Okoromai Bay is one of two bays found in wildlife sanctuary of Shakespear Regional Park with the other and more popular Bay being Te-Haruhi Beach.

Okoromai Bay Facilities

The facilities at Okoromai Bay include the following:

Okoromai Bay Changing Rooms

Changing Rooms & Toilets: The changing rooms are fairly large and usually very clean and well kept.

They can be found in the centre of the Bay area on the grass area, there is also an outdoor fresh water shower to wash of the salt water and sand.

Local shops

Shops: There are no shops within easy walking distance of Bay so we advise you travel prepared.

There's on small convenience  store about one kilometre back down the Whangaparaoa Road and then the next multiple shop complex is a Gulf Harbour.

Shakespear Regional Park

Shakespear Regional Park: The Bay is part of the Shakespear Regional Park and has several great walking tracks that give amazing views of the Hauraki Gulf and its Islands from both sides of the Peninsula.

You will also find a wide range of wildlife from Peacocks to Kiwi birds as this is a leading wildlife sanctuary that is completely pest free.

How to get here?

Okoromai Bay is situated right at the end of the Peninsula and will take approximately twenty minute drive once on the Whangaparaoa Road.

Drive to the very end of Whangaparaoa Road following the sign posts for Shakespear Regional Park and Army Bay. When you come to the end of Whangaparaoa Road you will see Army Bay to your left and a small junction to enter the park. Turn right in to Shakespear Regional Park and follow the road past the first right hand junction, 500 meters down you will come to Okoromai Bay.

If traveling by public transport or taxi service use the following address, bus routes and timetables can be viewed at www.maxx.co.nz

Okoromai Bay
Bruce Harvey Drive
Shakespear Regional Park
Hibiscus Coast