Arkles Bay Whangaparaoa

Arkles Bay is a beautiful small sandy beach located on the southern side of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula.

Hidden away from the main tourist route and mainly visited by locals and people in the know Arkles Bay is usually very quiet and on weekdays you may find you have the entire beach to yourself.

The Bay is very sheltered from all winds except a strong Southerly which makes it the ideal location with flat water for swimmers and water sports enthusiast.

Arkles Bay Whangaparaoa, Auckland

Why Choose Arkles Bay?

There are several great reasons to choose Arkles Bay for your day at the beach. The waters here are usually calm which makes the bay perfect and safe for swimming and small children.

The calm waters also make it the ideal location for water sports including wakeboarding, water skiing and inflatable toys. The bay has a set of safety buoys that all vessels must be beyond before exceeding speeds of 5knots, another reason making this a safe beach for children. Be aware that these safety buoys are less than 50 meters from the water's edge at low tide so it can get a bit noisy if there are several jet skis and boats in the water.

Depending on weather and water conditions the bay usually has a floating pontoon anchored to the sea bed from the months of December through to March that is within easy swimming distance of around 30 meters depending on tides.

Out of peak season (Early December and after February) on a midweek day you will be hard pushing to find more than five or six people on the beach and no jet ski or boat engines ruining your peace and tranquility.

Arkles Bay Facilities

The facilities at Arkles Bay include the following:

Arkles Bay Changing Rooms

Changing Rooms & Toilets: Situated close to the centre of the beach this area offers enclosed changing rooms, two toilet cubicles and an outdoor shower to wash off the salt water.

Toilets are well maintained and clean, in busy periods in can get a little smelly in the very close vicinity so it's advisable to set up on the beach a bit further to the west or east of the toilets.

Local shops

Shops: The closest shops can be found at the top of the one way road that leads up to the main Whangaparaoa Road. The road can be found at the eastern end of the beach.

At the top of this road you will find a small block of shops including a fishing tackle and bait store. If you require more options or something to eat the Whangaparaoa Shopping Plaza is less than two minute's walk.

The boat ramp

Boat Ramp: Arkles Bay has a boat ramp that can be found at the western most end of the beach directly opposite the main road entrance.

The ramp is partially concrete and at high tide your vehicle does not have to go on to the sand to launch or retrieve a vessel. Ideal for jet skis, small vessels and boats six meters or less. At low tide there is a large sand bank opposite the toilets so keep to the western end of the beach.

How to get here?

Arkles Bay is one of the first beaches you can get to when travelling to the Whangaparaoa Peninsula and there are two options to get here by road.

If traveling by public transport or taxi service use the following address, bus routes and timetables can be viewed at

Arkles Strand
Arkles Bay
Hibiscus Coast

Option 1: Once on Whangaparaoa Road at the Silverdale junction follow the road for approximately 6 kilometres until you come to a large Z Petrol Service station on your right hand side at the bottom of a large hill. Take the immediate right turn on to Karepiro Drive after the service station and then your next left on to Rishworth Avenue approximately 50 meters further up the road.

Follow Rishworth Avenue to the top of the road and you come to a mini round about, go straight across on to Cochrane Avenue. Head to the bottom of Cochrane Avenue where you will come to another mini round about. Take the first left on to McKenzie Avenue and then your next right on to Margaret Place, 50 meters down you will come to the beach.

Option 2: Please note this option makes use of a one way road so can only be used to get to the beach. Get on to Whangaparaoa Road at the Silverdale junction. Follow the road for approximately seven kilometres and you will come to the Whangaparaoa Shopping Plaza. At the top of the hill with the shopping Plaza on your right and the police station on your left you will come to a main traffic light controlled junction, go straight through this junction and take the small right hand turn on to Arkles Drive approximately 100 meters down after the small row of shops. Once at the bottom of this road you are at the beach.