Flying Forwards Windsurfing

The Flying Forwards Windsurf School is located on the beautiful waters of Big Manly Beach.

The school is run by a highly qualified instructor Paul Toghill and lessons and run for all levels of experience from first timers to freestylers.

Big Manly Beach make the perfect location as it's sheltered from most conditions allowing for good wind conditions with flat calm water.

Flying Forwards windsurf school

Windsurf School Information

Flying Forwards operates throughout the summer months and all lessons have to be booked in advance, this allows the school to choose the perfect conditions for your skill level and makes learning to windsurf far easier and much more fun.

Lesson can be on a one on one basis or larger groups can book a combined lesson. The school teaches all ages and you will be surprised how fast you pick up the basic techniques for surfing across the water.

To book your lesson call Paul on 021 781315